Inside Game: 7 Areas of Internal Focus

As Chairman, it is important to have an “inside game” and an “outside game.”

Regarding the day-to-day running of county government (inside game), here are several areas I would focus on when elected on November 8: 
Values – People – Processes – Systems
1. Create a more sustainable, long-term approach to budgeting and planning.
2. Restructure administrative leadership team to reflect 21st century county government with a focus on aligning and serving other departments.
3. Improve transparency and communication internally and externally. This process starts with the county board and county-wide electeds but also extends directly to the public.
4. Implement culture-changing accountability, oversight, and efficiency reforms system-wide. This includes but it not limited to ethics, finance, HR, and IT.
5. Benchmark against leading local governments around the state.
6. Impliment a scorecard system for county expenditures to determine ROI with a focus on the 1% Public Safety Tax and Host Fee spending.
7. Re-evaluate process / objectives on appointments to other boards.