6 RVC Partnerships

I was elected to the Rock Valley College Board in April of 2013 and served as Board Chairman in 2014 and 2015. Below is a list of partnerships that the Rock Valley College Board and administration helped make happen during my time on the board. I am honored to have been a member of this team.

1. Aviation Maintenance Program Expansion. Expanded our Aviation Maintenance Program; the critical workforce component in landing AAR, a large maintenance and repair organization (MRO). Enrollment in this program has tripled.

2. GED Task Force. Advocated for a community-wide discussion on how we can better work together to solve the Region’s GED Crisis (46,000 Winnebago County residents without a high school diploma or equivalency).

3. RVC Downtown. Partnered with the RRSTAR for a location downtown with expanded programming. Enrollment has quadrupled.

4. Techworks. Partnered with the Rockford Area Economic Development Council on having RVC take-on Techworks, a fast-track manufacturing program. This is part of the college’s commitment to career and technical education. Enrollment in Techworks has tripled.

5. RVC – OSF Nursing Partnership. Partnered with OSF to offer students a 2-year nursing degree via RVC as well as a 4 and 6-year nursing degree on RVC’s campus. Enrollment has increased.

6. RVC, NIU, Woodward, UTAS, & RAEDC Engineering Partnership. Partnered with NIU, Woodward, Transform Rockford, and the Rockford Area Economic Development Council to offer students a 2-year pre-engineering degree via RVC as well as a 4 and 6-year engineering degree on RVC’s campus. Mechanical engineering enrollment has tripled.


Kathy Kelley Endorsement

Endorsed-Stamp-358x200I am supporting Frank Haney for Winnebago County Board Chairman. My support is based on my friendship with Frank as well as my interaction with him on the Rock Valley College Board. Frank served as a member of that board as well as Chairman.

We accomplished many things in our time together that will help grow our workforce and serve our community well for decades to come:

– RVC Expansion of Aviation Maintenance Program

– RVC / OSF Nursing Partnership

– RVC Downtown Partnership with the RRSTAR

– RVC / NIU Engineering Partnership

I trust him because he is collaborative, transparent, and knows who he works for: = taxpayers of our community. Further, he understands the big picture but is not afraid to get into the details. Frank will be a great County Board Chairman. Please vote for him on November 8.


The Right Time. The Right Thing To Do.

A few months ago I made the decision to run for Winnebago County Board Chairman. At that time, I also made the decision to step back as Chairman of RVC’s Board of Trustees as the March 15 Republican primary election approached. Given the early interest in this race, the issues, and the stakes, this is the right time and the right thing to do.

Current Vice Chair and Trustee Kathy Kelley will serve as Chairperson until the reorganization meeting in April. I anticipate a smooth transition. We have a great team who works closely with President Mastroianni and Kathy has experience as both a trustee and prior Chair. Much has been accomplished thanks to each and every member of our board.

I plan to continue my service as an RVC Trustee until sworn in as Winnebago County Board Chairman in January of 2017.



Right Combination of Experience, Skills, Integrity And Passion

I believe I have the right combination of experience, skills, integrity and passion to be an effective County Board Chairman.


  1. Masters Degree Organizational Leadership. 

– This will assist with day to day management, financial oversight, strategic planning, and implementation of our Good Government ACT Initiative.


  1. Elected to RVC Board.

– Elected Board Chairman 2x’s

– $70 million public budget – tax and tuition dollars

– Hired President

– Board policy overhaul

– Increased community outreach

– RVC / NIU Engineering Partnership

– RVC / OSF Nursing Partnership

– Aviation Maintenance Expansion

– RVC Downtown

– GED Community Discussion



  1. Community service.

– Next Rockford


– Carpenter’s Place

– Transform Rockford

– Boys & Girls Club

– Sharefest



  1. Private Sector Experience.

– Risk management and sales experience via the insurance industry; both of which are requirements of good leadership in 21st Century County Government.


  1. Outside Perspective / Knowledge of Community & Leaders.

– Perhaps more than ever, a fresh outside perspective is needed at the County. That said, I also have knowledge of this community, its leaders, as well as opportunities and challenges.