Maurice West II endorses Frank Haney

One thing I’ve come to realize is that when change happens, we tend to give all of the credit to the person in charge. The same goes when things happen that are unfavorable. But what we fail to realize, is that a leader becomes an effective agent for change when they have the right people working along with them. Thus, I believe that we are in need of a leader with a vision, a plan, that the community can rally behind. That is why I endorse Frank Haney.

I look at Frank’s #ACT plan, a 19 point plan, and it gives me confidence in his candidacy. Why? Because his extensive vision for Accountability, Collaboration, and Transparency opens the door for constituents, like me, to make sure that Frank and his administration is Accountable, Collaborative, and Transparent. There’s a framework laid out that can be used to hold him to the high standard that he desire to bring to the Winnebago County Administration. And that’s what we need right now.

  • Maurice West II