Maurice West II endorses Frank Haney

One thing I’ve come to realize is that when change happens, we tend to give all of the credit to the person in charge. The same goes when things happen that are unfavorable. But what we fail to realize, is that a leader becomes an effective agent for change when they have the right people working along with them. Thus, I believe that we are in need of a leader with a vision, a plan, that the community can rally behind. That is why I endorse Frank Haney.

I look at Frank’s #ACT plan, a 19 point plan, and it gives me confidence in his candidacy. Why? Because his extensive vision for Accountability, Collaboration, and Transparency opens the door for constituents, like me, to make sure that Frank and his administration is Accountable, Collaborative, and Transparent. There’s a framework laid out that can be used to hold him to the high standard that he desire to bring to the Winnebago County Administration. And that’s what we need right now.

  • Maurice West II


Vince McGuire Endorsement

Vince McGuire Endorsement

I have known Frank Haney since he was a student at Boylan Catholic High School. After his graduation from college, he was hired at Boylan as a teacher, coach, and later, Boylan’s Alumni Director where I worked closely with him. Frank was part of a team that increased annual donors at the school from 300 to 3000. Frank was extremely prepared, hard working, an excellent communicator, and passionate. These attributes have translated into other leadership roles in the community and will serve him well as chairman.

Frank’s election to the Rock Valley College’s Board of Trustees and subsequent chairmanship strengthened his governmental experience. And, perhaps most important is that I have had many years of observing his growth, values, and character formation. It has been outstanding! There is no question he will serve Winnebago County extremely well when he is elected Board Chairman.

I urge everyone to vote for Frank next Tuesday, November 8th.

Vince McGuire,
Retired Principal, Boylan Catholic High School




Haney announces Good Government PAC Endorsement

Haney announces Good Government PAC Endorsement


Frank Haney, Candidate for Winnebago County Board Chairman, has been endorsed by the Rockford Regional Good Government PAC. Rockford PAC, is a new organization made up of concerned citizens who have created a political action committee that makes endorsements and provides funding for area candidates who espouse the groups values.

“I am very proud to be endorsed by the Rockford Regional Good Government PAC. This transformational group states that they support candidates “who commit to ethical, accountable and transparent government and to support initiatives that align with our community’s vision and values.” I am in total alignment with that statement and, in fact, I have been communicating that same message since I entered this race over a year ago,” said Frank Haney.


“My campaign has been conducted in a very ethical and straight forward manner. My opponent, on the other hand, has sought to disseminate misinformation and outright lies about me and my supporters. He continues to attack my donors claiming that he is opposed to campaign contributions from anyone who might have some business with the county. He falsely claimed that my family members who own a restaurant, and other donors who never have and never will have any reason to do business with the county, are vendors to the county. This is an outright lie and he continues to spread these lies despite at least one of my donors confronting him on his lie,” said Haney.

“You can hardly expect “good government” from a candidate who makes things up as he goes. While my opponent makes an assertion that donors should not have any contact or contracts with county government he, in fact, has received $5,000 from the largest union that the county contracts with. He is either a hypocrite or perhaps the whole premise of his argument is even lost on him,” said Haney.

“My campaign is moving forward despite the mudslinging and lies coming from my opponent. With a little over two weeks before the election I plan to continue running a campaign of honesty and integrity and show voters that they can expect the same if I am elected Winnebago County Board Chairman,” said Haney.

For more information about the Haney ACT Initiative, go to www.FrankHaney.Biz.


Kathy Kelley Endorsement

Endorsed-Stamp-358x200I am supporting Frank Haney for Winnebago County Board Chairman. My support is based on my friendship with Frank as well as my interaction with him on the Rock Valley College Board. Frank served as a member of that board as well as Chairman.

We accomplished many things in our time together that will help grow our workforce and serve our community well for decades to come:

– RVC Expansion of Aviation Maintenance Program

– RVC / OSF Nursing Partnership

– RVC Downtown Partnership with the RRSTAR

– RVC / NIU Engineering Partnership

I trust him because he is collaborative, transparent, and knows who he works for: = taxpayers of our community. Further, he understands the big picture but is not afraid to get into the details. Frank will be a great County Board Chairman. Please vote for him on November 8.


REALTORS Support Frank Haney

Click here for the recent release from the Illinois REALTORS Political Action Committee. Below is an excerpt:

The Illinois REALTORS® Political Action Committee (RPAC) Trustees encourage you to vote for Frank Haney for Winnebago County Board Chairman and REALTOR® Dan Patlak for Cook County Board of Review Commissioner, District 1 on Nov. 8.

Haney and Patlak have been identified by their local associations and by RPAC as REALTOR® champions. In other words, they are for business, private property rights, low taxes and economic growth. Their bids to get elected are termed Opportunity Races.

A lifelong resident of the Rockford area, Haney started his political career with his election to the Rock Valley College Board of Trustees in 2013. He’s served on several committees, and colleagues elected him board chair in 2014 and 2015.

He’s also volunteered with several causes and organizations, including:

  • Next Rockford (past peer-elected facilitator, strategy team and member) – engage Rockford’s next generation of leaders to advocate improvements in education, business environment and urban development;
  • Transform Rockford;
  • Rockford Area Economic Development Council (board of directors);
  • Carpenter’s Place (board of directors);
  • YMCA Strong Kids Campaign;
  • Red Cross;
  • Sharefest;
  • Next Rockford Boots & Coats Drive.

For more information about Haney, visit his campaign website:


Ian Linnabary Endorsement

We are in the midst of a great communal duality. Together, we are traveling down a calculated path of positive, transformational change, while we also struggle with issues related to widespread poverty, violent crime and the fiscal challenges we face at both the local and statewide levels. We need leaders—just like Frank—who are committed to maintaining our progress toward true transformation as a means of addressing our challenges. 

There is an energy about his approach that you don’t see every election cycle. Frank’s campaign has been one of inclusion, shared values, passion, and all-out preparation on the policy and governance side. His ACT Initiative is exactly what we need to be talking about in local government. These themes are particularly refreshing in our current political climate. All too often in modern politics, campaign rhetoric does not translate into commensurate governance. Frank will honor his pledge to usher in a new era of accountable, collaborative, and transparent government. He will also be a great partner when it comes to working across governments. There is no doubt Frank has the right combination of experience, skills, education, relationships, and character to be a great County Board Chairman.  

Ian Linnabary

President, Rockford Park District Board of Commissioners, Chairman, Winnebago County Regional Tourism Facility Board, Secretary, City of Rockford Board of Fire and Police Commissioners, Co-Lead, Transform Rockford Healthy Lifestyles Spoke Team, Partner, Reno & Zahm LLP




Former Republican Chairman Endorses Haney

“As the former Chairman of the Republican Party in Winnebago County I had the pleasure of working with many candidates and elected officials. I observed their ability to not only run a campaign but also their ability to communicate the issues they were running on and then, after elected, I watched how they fulfilled those promises.

I am endorsing Frank Haney because of his ability to run a solid campaign, his ability to communicate with voters and because of his honesty and integrity. I trust that Frank will not only keep his promises but also make his supporters proud of the effort that they put into his campaign.

There are too many headlines in the newspapers about mismanagement in government. With Frank as Chairman of the County Board I believe that business as usual and politics as usual will become a thing of the past. Our children and our grandchildren need to be proud of their community and their county. Frank will help restore that pride wherever it has been lost”
– Jan Klaas
Former Chairman of the Republican Party, Winnebago County