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Statements of Support

I have known Frank Haney for well over ten years in business, personally, and politically. I have enjoyed and been impressed each time we have interacted. Frank is a person of integrity. He possesses the leadership qualities we need in Winnebago County. I strongly support Frank for Winnebago County Chairman and endorse him without reservation. He will do an excellent job. – Brian Boyer


“I’ve known Frank for several years and I’ve been continually impressed with his dedication, his honesty and his view on how to keep our community moving forward.  Frank’s star is rising and I whole heartedly endorse him as our next Winnebago County Chairman.” – Jeff Kaney, Kaney Group


“Frank Haney is a demonstrated and effective leader from his time as a coach continuing to his facilitative successes in several civic organizations.  His integrity and moral compass will undoubtedly guide his home-town passion to achieve greater good for our region when he is elected Winnebago County Board Chairman.”  – Steve Casper, Woodward


“We feel the County needs a fresh, new leader to revitalize our area. Someone who believes in and acts with transparency – this is the reason we are supporting (Frank) for County Board Chairman.”  – Danielle & Rob Schlitching


“It is not very often that I hear someone talk about local politics and it inspires me. But that happened when I had the opportunity to hear Frank Haney talk about his Campaign for Winnebago County Board Chairman. His knowledge of the issues, call for accountability in local government, and belief in the future of the community made me conclude this….. This guy absolutely needs to win the March 15 Republican Primary!” Joe Coots


“I have known Frank Haney and his family for a long time. He is exactly the type of leader that the County and this community needs. I trust Frank. He is forward thinking, energetic, and knowledgeable on the issues. There is no question he will make an outstanding Chairman.” – Augie Rizzo


“We need representatives in our government who have integrity and honesty of course, that should go without saying.  But even more we need those who have the guts and the leadership skill set to face the tough decisions, to be able to stand up to the pressure to just go a long with how things have been, and to balance “not spending what we don’t have” with growing our area’s economy.  In my dealings over the years with Frank I am confident that he will bring these skills to the County Board Chairman position.”  – Mike Vansistine


“I’ve known Frank 20 years now.  In that time, I still have yet to meet someone as energetic and dedicated to whatever he puts his mind to.  In this case, it’s to help make Winnebago County a better place to live in, a better place for families to raise kids, and a better place to make a living.  For these reasons, I know Frank will do a great job as the County Board Chairman.”  – Danny McLarty 


“Go get’m Frank! Guys like you are what we need to fix the broken promises, back-room dealing, and corruption in our local government.” – Dave Barelli


“I truly believe Frank Haney will make a great County Board Chairman! He has the right combination of passion, integrity, and experience to help bring about positive change in our community.” – Barb Ripley


“As the former Chairman of the Republican Party in Winnebago County I had the pleasure of working with many candidates and elected officials. I observed their ability to not only run a campaign but also their ability to communicate the issues they were running on and then, after elected, I watched how they fulfilled those promises.

I am endorsing Frank Haney because of his ability to run a solid campaign, his ability to communicate with voters and because of his honesty and integrity. I trust that Frank will not only keep his promises but also make his supporters proud of the effort that they put into his campaign.

There are too many headlines in the newspapers about mismanagement in government. With Frank as Chairman of the County Board I believe that business as usual and politics as usual will become a thing of the past. Our children and our grandchildren need to be proud of their community and their county. Frank will help restore that pride wherever it has been lost”
 – Jan Klaus, Former Chairman of the Republican Party, Winnebago County


There is no doubt Frank Haney will be very successful as our Winnebago County Board Chairman. I have known Frank for over 35 years on both a personal and professional level. Over that time, I have never witnessed Frank waiver when it comes to issues of principle, integrity, or doing the right thing. I am not sure if anyone has more passion for moving this community forward than Frank. I will be supporting Frank with my vote for Winnebago County Board Chairman in the  March 15 Republican Primary. You should too! – Jackie Sciortino      


Frank is a trusted, community visionary. A man of his word. An ethical leader who’s morals will produce positive results for a community, a county and region is desperate need of change. Rockford and the collar cities inside Winnebago County will see action and Frank will hold himself and the board accountable. I am, “surprised” as Christian said that this hasn’t happened sooner. And, it’s a good thing for the constituents of the county! Go Frank Haney!  – Michael Ziener