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Local Painters District Council #30 Painters & Glaziers Local Union #607

Statements of Support

Local Painters Union Supports Frank Haney for Winnebago County Board Chairman

Winnebago County: Frank Haney, candidate for Winnebago County Board Chairman, is announcing the support of the Painters District Council #30 Painters and Glaziers Local Union #607. This Trades Union support is added to the endorsement of the Operating Engineers Local 150, Laborers Local #32 as well as a growing number of private-sector and elected leaders. A running list of endorsements can be found at www.FrankHaney.Biz.

“The Painters and Glaziers are pleased to announce our support of Frank Haney for Winnebago County Board Chairman. I know Frank both personally and professionally and I have a lot of respect and trust in Frank’s commitment to the community. We are particularly pleased with Frank’s non-partisan, community-oriented approach to this office,” said John Penney, Business Representative.

“Economic development is a key element to primary job growth, reducing crime, and the long-term health of our community. Frank Haney is committed to providing the type of government environment that will help spur growth in the county and the region to help working families earn livable wages and benefits. His ability to work with other people will ensure that projects will move forward and not be hampered by personalities”, said Penney.

“I am proud to have the endorsement of the Painters and Glaziers. Our trades unions and a highly skilled workforce are critical success factors in a 21st Century economy. I could not be more excited about the momentum and the broad-base of support we have seen for our campaign since starting on this journey last September,” said Frank Haney.

In the past we supported the current Board Chairman significantly. We now feel that the Chairman has lost his way and all of us are growing tired of the mismanagement of resources at the county that is now becoming headlines. Frank Haney offers us the best chance to pull everyone together and re-focus on economic development that will result in more jobs. – Fortunato Salamone, Business Manager, Local 32

New leadership at the County Chairman level is needed. Our county needs a fresh perspective and a new vision. We must move forward rather than get bogged down in old fights. Only then will we attract more opportunities for our members. Frank Haney has an impeccable reputation for being honest and bringing people together to create positive change in our community. This is where we live and work – something needs to be done now not later. – Mark Szula, Business Representative and Organizer, Local 150