Vince McGuire Endorsement

Vince McGuire Endorsement

I have known Frank Haney since he was a student at Boylan Catholic High School. After his graduation from college, he was hired at Boylan as a teacher, coach, and later, Boylan’s Alumni Director where I worked closely with him. Frank was part of a team that increased annual donors at the school from 300 to 3000. Frank was extremely prepared, hard working, an excellent communicator, and passionate. These attributes have translated into other leadership roles in the community and will serve him well as chairman.

Frank’s election to the Rock Valley College’s Board of Trustees and subsequent chairmanship strengthened his governmental experience. And, perhaps most important is that I have had many years of observing his growth, values, and character formation. It has been outstanding! There is no question he will serve Winnebago County extremely well when he is elected Board Chairman.

I urge everyone to vote for Frank next Tuesday, November 8th.

Vince McGuire,
Retired Principal, Boylan Catholic High School




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