Who are we on our best day?

Who are we on our best day?
As a region? A county? A county government? A county board? As individuals?

Here is the video from our 14 Days Out Rally on Wednesday, October 26 at the Prairie Street Brewhouse. Special thanks to Chris Manuel for hosting and Jason Warner for putting together the video. Also, great to get a Cubs win that night!



Maurice West II endorses Frank Haney

One thing I’ve come to realize is that when change happens, we tend to give all of the credit to the person in charge. The same goes when things happen that are unfavorable. But what we fail to realize, is that a leader becomes an effective agent for change when they have the right people working along with them. Thus, I believe that we are in need of a leader with a vision, a plan, that the community can rally behind. That is why I endorse Frank Haney.

I look at Frank’s #ACT plan, a 19 point plan, and it gives me confidence in his candidacy. Why? Because his extensive vision for Accountability, Collaboration, and Transparency opens the door for constituents, like me, to make sure that Frank and his administration is Accountable, Collaborative, and Transparent. There’s a framework laid out that can be used to hold him to the high standard that he desire to bring to the Winnebago County Administration. And that’s what we need right now.

  • Maurice West II


6 RVC Partnerships

I was elected to the Rock Valley College Board in April of 2013 and served as Board Chairman in 2014 and 2015. Below is a list of partnerships that the Rock Valley College Board and administration helped make happen during my time on the board. I am honored to have been a member of this team.

1. Aviation Maintenance Program Expansion. Expanded our Aviation Maintenance Program; the critical workforce component in landing AAR, a large maintenance and repair organization (MRO). Enrollment in this program has tripled.

2. GED Task Force. Advocated for a community-wide discussion on how we can better work together to solve the Region’s GED Crisis (46,000 Winnebago County residents without a high school diploma or equivalency).

3. RVC Downtown. Partnered with the RRSTAR for a location downtown with expanded programming. Enrollment has quadrupled.

4. Techworks. Partnered with the Rockford Area Economic Development Council on having RVC take-on Techworks, a fast-track manufacturing program. This is part of the college’s commitment to career and technical education. Enrollment in Techworks has tripled.

5. RVC – OSF Nursing Partnership. Partnered with OSF to offer students a 2-year nursing degree via RVC as well as a 4 and 6-year nursing degree on RVC’s campus. Enrollment has increased.

6. RVC, NIU, Woodward, UTAS, & RAEDC Engineering Partnership. Partnered with NIU, Woodward, Transform Rockford, and the Rockford Area Economic Development Council to offer students a 2-year pre-engineering degree via RVC as well as a 4 and 6-year engineering degree on RVC’s campus. Mechanical engineering enrollment has tripled.


Frank Haney’s ACT Initiative

act-initiative-logo-social-mediaVision: Become the most accountable, collaborative, and transparent unit of government in the state of Illinois.

Local government needs to re-align to better serve taxpayers in the 21st Century through professionalization and best practice. It will take a team effort including staff, board, elected officials, and the community to develop and enact the best changes for taxpayers.

As Chairman, I will report out to the community on the following during my first year in office.

1. Restructure the County Administrative Leadership Team. Includes but is not limited to positions that impact other county departments such as County Administrator, Deputy County Administrator, CFO, HR Director, and full-time IT Director.

2. Implement the Winnebago County Government Report Card. Healthy organizations regularly take part in strategic planning to be intentional about goals and thorough in their analysis. Ongoing strategy must rest on performance and measurement of outcomes. Sustainability comes from data and planning not anecdotes and surprise. Each department will measure and report out. This will assist the administration, board, and community evaluate ROI to taxpayers. Bottom line: if taxpayer dollars or fees are being spent, then it should be publicly evaluated and reported out. No sacred cows. The system will evolve as the county evolves; however, the goal is to create a continuous improvement culture with a focus on outcomes, not politics.

3. Extend Winnebago County Government Report Card to include entities and programs that the county funds through their budget. This includes but is not limited to Host Fees and the 1% Public Safety Tax spending. This allows the county the opportunity to report out to the community on taxpayer ROI.

4. Reform external appointment process. Ensure quality appointments and alignment with non-elected boards. (Advise and consent with board)

5. Evaluate board committees. Create a Board Policy Committee to review ordinances and ensure governance-model is current with best practice. De-emphasize caucus process and emphasize board and board committee process.

6. Conduct an extensive internal and external efficiency / effectiveness audit. This is critical to ensure taxpayer ROI and proper funding of community priorities. No sacred cows. This includes but is not limited to: joint purchasing / resource sharing, reduction in duplicate services, and, when prudent, consolidation of local units of government. Note: consolidation of local governments and services is not always the solution. However, increased accountability and transparency should be the focus when consolidation is not the solution.

7. Eliminate the real and / or perceived culture of cronyism and nepotism. We will review this from three perspectives: leadership, HR policies, and transparency.

8. Improve the dynamic of the administration and board. Treat all board members as valued elected representatives of citizens, not just politicians or a vote to be counted.

9. Meet with county-wide elected officials on a regular, scheduled basis. Build trust, break-down silos, and create understanding about organizational opportunities and challenges. This includes but is not limited to an initial retreat, monthly group meeting and a monthly individual meeting.

10. Increase communication with the community. The State of the County will be a process of on-going updates to the community; not a single annual event.

11. Establish the Chairman’s Advisory Council. Ensure increased transparency and gain access to outside subject-matter expertise.

12. Establish the Chairman’s Youth Advisory Council. Ensure we are engaging young leaders before they graduate high school and leave for college, encouraging public service and a desire to return to Winnebago County to make a difference.

13. Review Finance Department – Internal Audit Department relationship. Revisit recent decision to transfer some finance duties to the County Auditor’s office. Is it really an independent audit if you are reviewing yourself? Is this best practice or a return to an outdated practice?

14. Conduct annual review of finance and human resource (HR) systems and processes. This includes the budget amendment process, bid process, risk management, and ethics policies. Benchmark against best practice in other county governments, municipalities, and the private-sector.

15. Amend lay-over policy. Discuss the possibility of lowering the number of affirmative votes needed to lay an item over to the next meeting.

16. Implement aspects of the State Comptroller’s vendor / campaign donor program.

17. Explore and implement board training. Include new members as well as on-going training for all board members.

18. Build synergy among local, state, and federal elected officials. Work with local, state, and federal elected officials to ensure a new era of partnership and better results for taxpayers. Communication, working toward alignment on key issues, and speaking with one voice as a region will be critical to future state and federal funding. Example: Work with state delegation on possible statute changes regarding consolidation efforts.

19. Rebrand Winnebago County Government. It is important to our image as a community and region that we upgrade the County’s brand.

GoFrankHaney@gmail.com              www.FrankHaney.Biz


Vince McGuire Endorsement

Vince McGuire Endorsement

I have known Frank Haney since he was a student at Boylan Catholic High School. After his graduation from college, he was hired at Boylan as a teacher, coach, and later, Boylan’s Alumni Director where I worked closely with him. Frank was part of a team that increased annual donors at the school from 300 to 3000. Frank was extremely prepared, hard working, an excellent communicator, and passionate. These attributes have translated into other leadership roles in the community and will serve him well as chairman.

Frank’s election to the Rock Valley College’s Board of Trustees and subsequent chairmanship strengthened his governmental experience. And, perhaps most important is that I have had many years of observing his growth, values, and character formation. It has been outstanding! There is no question he will serve Winnebago County extremely well when he is elected Board Chairman.

I urge everyone to vote for Frank next Tuesday, November 8th.

Vince McGuire,
Retired Principal, Boylan Catholic High School




Elected Official Endorsements of Frank Haney

Here is the long list of elected officials who endorse my candidacy for Chairman: http://www.frankhaney.biz/elected-officials/.

(as of October 31, 2016)

Dale Adams, Mayor of Rockton

Dan Barber, Pecatonica Village President

Ted Biondo, Winnebago County Board

David Boomer, Winnebago County Board

John Cabello, State Representative

Gary Caruana, Winnebago County Sheriff

Jim E. Claeyssen, Village President Cherry Valley

Dan Cronin, DuPage County Board Chairman

Tim Durkee, City of Rockford Alderman

Kevin Frost, City of Rockford Alderman

Jaime Getchius, City of Rockford Alderman

Kim Gouker, Ogle County Chairman Board Chairman

John Guevara, Winnebago County Board

Gary Jury, Winnebago County Board

Greg Jury, Loves Park Alderman, Candidate, Loves Park Mayor

Kathy Kelley, Rock Valley College Trustee

Tom Klein, Winnebago County Circuit Clerk

Adam Kinzinger, Congressman

Dave Krienke, Roscoe Village President

Daryl Lindberg, Loves Park Mayor

Ian Linnabary, Rockford Park District Board President

Ted Rehl, South Beloit Mayor

Tim Rollins, Rockford Public Schools District 205 Board Member

Randy Schaefer, Former Rock Valley College Trustee

Ken Scrivano, Rockford Public Schools District 205 Board President

Tyler Smith, Rockford Park District Board Member

Joe Sosnowski, State Representative

Dave Syverson, State Senator

Bob Trojan, Rock Valley College Trustee