Public Comments – Winnebago County Committee Meeting

My “public comments” from the joint Winnebago County Board Finance and Operations Meeting (May, 2016)

Given the current situation at the County, I wanted shared some thoughts at the joint Finance / Operations Committee Meeting and asked the Board to consider the following:

  • Review of the County’s procurement processes; specifically when it comes to the use of outside legal and project-related consultants.
    • Outside expertise is needed to compliment internal talent; however, we may want to narrow what is considered an acceptable ‘no-bid situation.
    • Require that these decisions adhere to a public process (vs. closed door process) in which the administration recommends a course of action and the County Board approves, amends, or denies.
  • Review of legal contracts and MOU’s (memorandum’s of understanding) from three perspectives:
    • Risk management perspective.
      • Are we managing risk as it relates to the handling of taxpayer dollars?
    • Board approval process perspective.
      • What comes to the board for approval? What does not?
    • Legal perspective.
      • What contracts require legal review by the board attorney? Which do not?
  • Internal collaboration. Commitment from County-wide electeds; including the next Board Chairman, to operate within the established budget formally approved by the board.  This is critical and will take the commitment of all involved to front-load the discussion before the budget is passed.  This will require a total commitment to collaboration between the county-wide electeds to consider new cost-saving measures, sharing of resources, etc.  This will reduce the need to eliminate staff and / or increase taxes.
  • Board Approval. No more circumvention of the board process. Direction to department heads, whether elected or otherwise, should NOT come off-line from 2-3 board members nor from either caucus. They should come from official board action.  The confusion I witnessed the last month regarding the sheriff being given “a green light” to spend money that wasn’t formally approved by the board as a whole is odd to me. This is not fair to the sheriff, the rest of the board, or the community. 
  • Review of the Counties’ nepotism policies as compared to best-practice for public institutions around the state.
  • Re-financing of jail bond. Although I was not in favor of the recent jail bond re-financing for operational needs, I understand it was suggested as a stop-gap. I also understand that only one step in the multi-year process has been completed. I would recommend no further operational monies be spent from this strategy until the FBI investigation of the county has been completed and findings are shared publicly. I do not want to borrow additional monies that we may be able to find in our existing budget.


Haney for Chairman – June Event Sponsorships Levels

We are hosting two campaign events in June and I need your help to ensure they are a success.
1. June 12 – Family Fest at Levings Park (1-4 pm). Free, kid-friendly event.
2. June 15 – Summer Kick-off Party at Prairie Street Brewhouse (5:30 pm). Craft beer. Wine tasting. Live music. $40 per person / $60 per couple.
Please consider sponsoring our events at a level that works for you. Dual sponsorship levels include signage at both events and tickets to the June 15 Summer Kick-off Party at Prairie Street Brewhouse.
$125 – Red Sponsor (2 tickets, signage)
$250 – White Sponsor (4 tickets, signage, and event recognition)
$500 – Blue Sponsor (10 tickets, signage, and event recognition)
(Includes tickets to June 15 Summer Kick-off, signage and event recognition at both events)
$1,000 – Bronze Sponsor (15 tickets)
$2,500 – Silver Sponsor (30 tickets)
$5,000 – Gold Sponsor (Unlimited tickets, event emcee)
*Special sponsor requests accommodated as appropriate.

Checks payable to Citizens for Frank Haney, 8119 Scott Lane, Machesney Park, IL 61115.

Sponsorship RSVP’s due by June 5 to ensure signage is ready.

Please email me back with you questions and thoughts? Call (815) 979-4045 or email Thanks for your time and consideration.

Family Fest (June 12) - Haney for Chairman (Social Media)
Summer Kick-off Party (June 15) - Haney for Chairman (Social Media)

Haney opposes funding of Winnebago Works

Frank Haney, candidate for Winnebago County Board Chairman, announces his opposition to Winnebago Works.

Click here for the RRSTAR article reacting to my statement.

Press Release (4/7/2016)

The County Board is considering funding a workforce development project called Winnebago Works. The source of that funding is to be land fill host fees paid to Winnebago County and set aside specifically for economic development. In response to inquiries from county board members, interested parties, citizens, and the media Frank Haney said,

“It is true our region has a significant challenge with workforce development. The combination of an aging workforce and a growing number of Winnebago County residents living in poverty is intensifying our workforce issue. Make no mistake, workforce development is a critical success factor for more jobs and improved quality of life in our region. That is why I strongly support an aligned community-wide investment as an important part of the solution; but, Winnebago Works duplicates other projects, competes for scarce resources, and will nearly exhaust the County Board’s ability to invest in any other project.

“County government can support workforce development in the region without creating a new organization and actually getting into the business of doing workforce development. Sustained commitment to true collaboration with and between existing workforce partners such as Goodwill, Rock Valley College, District 205, The United Way, Workforce Investment Board is important.”

“Regarding cost to County Government, the annual projected cost of Winnebago Works does not justify the investment when compared to the projected outcomes and concerns over sustainability. The County has committed approximately 90% of its Host Fee dollars out into the future. This new venture would commit most of what is remaining for five years. Is there an alternative that can help more people and produce a better result?

“I recognize the well-intended nature of those involved with Winnebago Works and commend them for their effort, but, creating yet another entity does not solve the problem. In fact, it might actually create more challenges. It creates more competition for scarce public and private sector resources, makes community-wide alignment around a larger strategy more difficult, and does little to simplify an already confused market place in terms of where to go and for what service.”

“It is not Winnebago Works or bust. There are proven workforce alternatives that could help more people and produce better long-term results.”

One additional thought as a follow-up to this press release:

“If the County Board wants to act now, invest $100,000 per year in Goodwill’s workforce programming. I believe this alternative will change more lives and produce a greater return to taxpayers.”


Brian Boyer Endorsement

I have known Frank Haney for well over ten years in business, personally, and politically. I have enjoyed and been impressed each time we have interacted. Frank is a person of integrity. He possesses the leadership qualities we need in Winnebago County. I strongly support Frank for Winnebago County Chairman and endorse him without reservation. He will do an excellent job.

– Brian Boyer


Join #TeamKinzinger and #TeamHaney on Election Night (3/15)

Election Night Party

March 15, 2016

Capri Restaurant

Party begins when polls close (7 pm).

Typically, returns come-in slowly over a 2-4 hour period.

Pizza provided. Cash bar.

All are welcome: community, local candidates, volunteers, Republicans, electeds, etc.

Special thanks to Congressman Adam Kinzinger’s Team for partnering with our campaign and sponsoring the event.

Vote - Watch

Walk with #TeamHaney in the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade (3/12)

Saint Patrick's Day Parade


Walk with #TeamHaney 

Saturday, March 12, 2016

3 pm (check-in at 2:30 pm)

Parade begins at BMO Harris Bank parking lot (across from Katie’s Cup).

Parade ends at Prairie Street Brewhouse.

Haney for Chairman T-shirts and giveaways will be available for walkers.

Interested in walking with us?

RSVP ASAP to Include the number in your party.