Elected Official Endorsements of Frank Haney

Here is the long list of elected officials who endorse my candidacy for Chairman: http://www.frankhaney.biz/elected-officials/.

(as of October 25, 2016)

Dale Adams, Mayor of Rockton

Ted Biondo, Winnebago County Board

John Cabello, State Representative

Gary Caruana, Winnebago County Sheriff

Dan Cronin, DuPage County Board Chairman

Tim Durkee, City of Rockford Alderman

Kevin Frost, City of Rockford Alderman

Jaime Getchius, City of Rockford Alderman

Kathy Kelley, Rock Valley College Trustee

Tom Klein, Winnebago County Circuit Clerk

Adam Kinzinger, Congressman

Daryl Lindberg, Loves Park Mayor

Ian Linnabary, Rockford Park District Board President

Tim Rollins, Rockford Public Schools District 205 Board Member

Randy Schaefer, Former Rock Valley College Trustee

Ken Scrivano, Rockford Public Schools District 205 Board President

Tyler Smith, Rockford Park District Board Member

Joe Sosnowski, State Representative

Dave Syverson, State Senator

Bob Trojan, Rock Valley College Trustee


Rockford Chamber PAC Endorses Frank Haney for Chairman


ROCPAC Endorses Frank Haney for County Board Chair
On Tuesday, Oct. 25, the Rockford Chamber Political Action Committee (ROCPAC) announced its endorsement of Frank Haney for Winnebago County Chairman on the Nov. 8, 2016 ballot. The PAC interviewed both candidates for the office, Frank Haney and John Nelson, before coming to its decision. “We had very meaningful, specific dialogue with both candidates and appreciated their sincere interest in serving as civic leaders,” said Steve Nailor, chair of ROCPAC. “Ultimately we felt that Haney’s agenda and proposed initiatives were closely aligned with the mission of ROCPAC.”

I am honored to have the support of the Rockford Chamber PAC and look forward to working with them once elected Chairman.


Rockford Register Star Endorses Frank Haney

rockford-register-starClick here for the Rockford Register Star Endorsement article.

Here are a few excerpts from the article.

Frank Haney has been preparing to be Winnebago County Board chairman for more than a year. He has studied what works in other counties in Illinois, consulted with County Board members, and built relationships that are crucial to his and the county’s success.

We endorse Haney, a Republican, to succeed Scott Christiansen as Winnebago County Board chairman over Democrat John Nelson.

Haney challenged Christiansen for the Republican nomination until Christiansen decided not to seek re-election after an FBI investigation that led to the embezzlement conviction of Sally Claassen, Winnebago County’s former purchasing chief.

He seems to have been everywhere during this campaign, attending events all over the county and making himself accessible to anyone who wants him to share his vision of what Winnebago County government can become.

It’s a 19-point plan with a goal of increasing professionalism in county government. We particularly like his idea of creating a government report card to hold his administration and other elected officials accountable.

Haney developed the plan by examining best practices and brought Dan Cronin, County Board chairman in DuPage County, to Rockford to share his views on making government more efficient.

DuPage County officials say they saved taxpayers about $80 million from 2011 to 2014 while consolidating and cutting government.

Nelson dismisses Cronin as an “empire builder” whose goal is to eliminate township government and add more government functions to his domain. Nelson is the president of the Illinois Township Attorneys Association.

Nelson is proud of his legal record and touts the 2009 case that went to the Illinois Supreme Court that got Ted Biondo kicked off of the Winnebago County Board as one of his highlights. Biondo wasn’t gone long. He won his County Board seat back in 2010 with 70 percent of the vote.

We see that case as a waste of time that demonstrates Nelson’s overly-partisan nature, which is not a good attribute for a chairman who has to work with a mostly Republican board.

Haney recognizes the challenges and sees the opportunities to improve the county’s performance for its taxpayers. He thinks his experience on the Rock Valley College Board of Trustees has given him insight into how to make things work. Rock Valley has made incredible progress the past few years as it has stepped up to meet community needs in engineering, aerospace and nursing, to name just three.

It’s a big step from RVC board to Winnebago County Board chairman, but it’s a step we think Haney can easily make.

No one will outwork him. Haney is passionate about the community and wants to do everything in his power to make it a more prosperous one.

We think he can succeed and deserves your vote Nov. 8.

Haney announces Good Government PAC Endorsement

Haney announces Good Government PAC Endorsement


Frank Haney, Candidate for Winnebago County Board Chairman, has been endorsed by the Rockford Regional Good Government PAC. Rockford PAC, is a new organization made up of concerned citizens who have created a political action committee that makes endorsements and provides funding for area candidates who espouse the groups values.

“I am very proud to be endorsed by the Rockford Regional Good Government PAC. This transformational group states that they support candidates “who commit to ethical, accountable and transparent government and to support initiatives that align with our community’s vision and values.” I am in total alignment with that statement and, in fact, I have been communicating that same message since I entered this race over a year ago,” said Frank Haney.


“My campaign has been conducted in a very ethical and straight forward manner. My opponent, on the other hand, has sought to disseminate misinformation and outright lies about me and my supporters. He continues to attack my donors claiming that he is opposed to campaign contributions from anyone who might have some business with the county. He falsely claimed that my family members who own a restaurant, and other donors who never have and never will have any reason to do business with the county, are vendors to the county. This is an outright lie and he continues to spread these lies despite at least one of my donors confronting him on his lie,” said Haney.

“You can hardly expect “good government” from a candidate who makes things up as he goes. While my opponent makes an assertion that donors should not have any contact or contracts with county government he, in fact, has received $5,000 from the largest union that the county contracts with. He is either a hypocrite or perhaps the whole premise of his argument is even lost on him,” said Haney.

“My campaign is moving forward despite the mudslinging and lies coming from my opponent. With a little over two weeks before the election I plan to continue running a campaign of honesty and integrity and show voters that they can expect the same if I am elected Winnebago County Board Chairman,” said Haney.

For more information about the Haney ACT Initiative, go to www.FrankHaney.Biz.


Kathy Kelley Endorsement

Endorsed-Stamp-358x200I am supporting Frank Haney for Winnebago County Board Chairman. My support is based on my friendship with Frank as well as my interaction with him on the Rock Valley College Board. Frank served as a member of that board as well as Chairman.

We accomplished many things in our time together that will help grow our workforce and serve our community well for decades to come:

– RVC Expansion of Aviation Maintenance Program

– RVC / OSF Nursing Partnership

– RVC Downtown Partnership with the RRSTAR

– RVC / NIU Engineering Partnership

I trust him because he is collaborative, transparent, and knows who he works for: = taxpayers of our community. Further, he understands the big picture but is not afraid to get into the details. Frank will be a great County Board Chairman. Please vote for him on November 8.


REALTORS Support Frank Haney

Click here for the recent release from the Illinois REALTORS Political Action Committee. Below is an excerpt:

The Illinois REALTORS® Political Action Committee (RPAC) Trustees encourage you to vote for Frank Haney for Winnebago County Board Chairman and REALTOR® Dan Patlak for Cook County Board of Review Commissioner, District 1 on Nov. 8.

Haney and Patlak have been identified by their local associations and by RPAC as REALTOR® champions. In other words, they are for business, private property rights, low taxes and economic growth. Their bids to get elected are termed Opportunity Races.

A lifelong resident of the Rockford area, Haney started his political career with his election to the Rock Valley College Board of Trustees in 2013. He’s served on several committees, and colleagues elected him board chair in 2014 and 2015.

He’s also volunteered with several causes and organizations, including:

  • Next Rockford (past peer-elected facilitator, strategy team and member) – engage Rockford’s next generation of leaders to advocate improvements in education, business environment and urban development;
  • Transform Rockford;
  • Rockford Area Economic Development Council (board of directors);
  • Carpenter’s Place (board of directors);
  • YMCA Strong Kids Campaign;
  • Red Cross;
  • Sharefest;
  • Next Rockford Boots & Coats Drive.

For more information about Haney, visit his campaign website: http://www.frankhaney.biz/.


Steve Rosella Endorsement


Frank Haney deserves your vote for Winnebago County Chairman on November 8th.

I’ve known Frank for many years as a tireless advocate of numerous worthy causes. He is fully invested in the long-term best interests of the Rock River Valley and its people. Frank has demonstrated courage in his convictions and works hard to bring diverse groups to a consensus. We’ll all benefit and face a better future with Frank Haney leading the Winnebago County Board. I’m confident he is the right choice for the job and encourage all to cast their vote for him.

-Steve Rosella

To endorse Frank, click here.




ACT Initiative: 19 Reforms for Winnebago County Government

act-initiative-logo-social-mediaVision: Become the most accountable, collaborative, and transparent unit of government in the state of Illinois.

Local government needs to re-align to better serve taxpayers in the 21st Century through professionalization and best practice. It will take a team effort including staff, board, elected officials, and the community to develop and enact the best changes for taxpayers.

As Chairman, I will report out to the community on the following during my first year in office.

1. Restructure the County Administrative Leadership Team. Includes but is not limited to positions that impact other county departments such as County Administrator, Deputy County Administrator, CFO, HR Director, and full-time IT Director.

2. Implement the Winnebago County Government Report Card. Healthy organizations regularly take part in strategic planning to be intentional about goals and thorough in their analysis. Ongoing strategy must rest on performance and measurement of outcomes. Sustainability comes from data and planning not anecdotes and surprise. Each department will measure and report out. This will assist the administration, board, and community evaluate ROI to taxpayers. Bottom line: if taxpayer dollars or fees are being spent, then it should be publicly evaluated and reported out. No sacred cows. The system will evolve as the county evolves; however, the goal is to create a continuous improvement culture with a focus on outcomes, not politics.

3. Extend Winnebago County Government Report Card to include entities and programs that the county funds through their budget. This includes but is not limited to Host Fees and the 1% Public Safety Tax spending. This allows the county the opportunity to report out to the community on taxpayer ROI.

4. Reform external appointment process. Ensure quality appointments and alignment with non-elected boards. (Advise and consent with board)

5. Evaluate board committees. Create a Board Policy Committee to review ordinances and ensure governance-model is current with best practice. De-emphasize caucus process and emphasize board and board committee process.

6. Conduct an extensive internal and external efficiency / effectiveness audit. This is critical to ensure taxpayer ROI and proper funding of community priorities. No sacred cows. This includes but is not limited to: joint purchasing / resource sharing, reduction in duplicate services, and, when prudent, consolidation of local units of government. Note: consolidation of local governments and services is not always the solution. However, increased accountability and transparency should be the focus when consolidation is not the solution.

7. Eliminate the real and / or perceived culture of cronyism and nepotism. We will review this from three perspectives: leadership, HR policies, and transparency.

8. Improve the dynamic of the administration and board. Treat all board members as valued elected representatives of citizens, not just politicians or a vote to be counted.

9. Meet with county-wide elected officials on a regular, scheduled basis. Build trust, break-down silos, and create understanding about organizational opportunities and challenges. This includes but is not limited to an initial retreat, monthly group meeting and a monthly individual meeting.

10. Increase communication with the community. The State of the County will be a process of on-going updates to the community; not a single annual event.

11. Establish the Chairman’s Advisory Council. Ensure increased transparency and gain access to outside subject-matter expertise.

12. Establish the Chairman’s Youth Advisory Council. Ensure we are engaging young leaders before they graduate high school and leave for college, encouraging public service and a desire to return to Winnebago County to make a difference.

13. Review Finance Department – Internal Audit Department relationship. Revisit recent decision to transfer some finance duties to the County Auditor’s office. Is it really an independent audit if you are reviewing yourself? Is this best practice or a return to an outdated practice?

14. Conduct annual review of finance and human resource (HR) systems and processes. This includes the budget amendment process, bid process, risk management, and ethics policies. Benchmark against best practice in other county governments, municipalities, and the private-sector.

15. Amend lay-over policy. Discuss the possibility of lowering the number of affirmative votes needed to lay an item over to the next meeting.

16. Implement aspects of the State Comptroller’s vendor / campaign donor program.

17. Explore and implement board training. Include new members as well as on-going training for all board members.

18. Build synergy among local, state, and federal elected officials. Work with local, state, and federal elected officials to ensure a new era of partnership and better results for taxpayers. Communication, working toward alignment on key issues, and speaking with one voice as a region will be critical to future state and federal funding. Example: Work with state delegation on possible statute changes regarding consolidation efforts.

19. Rebrand Winnebago County Government. It is important to our image as a community and region that we upgrade the County’s brand.

GoFrankHaney@gmail.com              www.FrankHaney.Biz


Great Lakes Basin Railroad Project

Statement from Frank Haney concerning the proposed Great Lakes Basin Railroad Project

As Winnebago County Board Chairman I will support initiatives that strengthen our ability to serve local industry. I certainly do not discount the economic impact strong rail networks can have on a region. One need only look at Rochelle, Illinois for a textbook example of what is possible.

After reviewing the current iteration of the proposed route for the Great Lakes Basin Railroad and listening to members of the community express their concerns, I believe alternative routes must be explored before I can lend my support.

My concerns with this project are specific:

  1. Anytime eminent domain powers are used there must be a high level of scrutiny.
  2. The GLBRR route is in conflict with various local plans; both in terms of future land use and environmentally use. The lack of alignment around long-term planning is something we have struggled with in our community for decades.
  3. There does not appear to be any consideration or due diligence conducted with stakeholders who surround the route, especially in environmentally sensitive areas. This demonstrates a disconnect in how GLBRR approached their planning process.
  4. There has been no factual information provided to the community on the financial standing of this for-profit entity, which brings into question the viability of the project in the first place.

It should be noted that, although I cannot support this project at this time, it is my understanding that federal, not local, officials control the process and final decision.


Update: I spoke to a transportation official who explained that this process is far from over. It will include public participation and a feedback process. Also worth noting is that the federal government would also conduct a feasibility / environmental impact study that would be lengthy, in-depth, and costly. Based on what we know about the current plan, I am confident that, at the end of the day, this proposal will not go through in its current form. (10/19/2016)


Frank Haney Candidate, Winnebago County Board Chairman