Tim Rollins Statement of Support for Frank Haney

Frank has shown an ability to listen to and collaborate with people and organizations throughout the region in nonpartisan ways. He is the type of leader we need as we work to build on our successes and overcome our challenges throughout the region.

– Tim Rollins

Rockford School District #205 Board Member, Local attorney

Tim Rollins joins a growing number of local elected officials who support Frank Haney for Winnebago County Board Chairman. Incidentally, Tim is also one of a growing number of local attorneys who support Frank. Another examples of an elected official / attorney is Ian Linnabary, President of the Park District Board.

“Bottom line: Education is the silver bullet. The road to community transformation begins with preparing our citizens for success. Nothing is more important. The development of a 21st century workforce is a critical success factor in economic development; including business attraction and retention. There is also a correlation between educational attainment and public safety. It is critical that the next Chairman has strong working relationships with leaders of education institutions in the region,” said Haney.

I am grateful for the support of Mr. Rollins and appreciate his commitment to our community, our young people, and to the largest public school district in Winnebago County, said Haney.




Reaction to court ruling on Independent Maps

President Obama and Governor Rauner disagree on many things. However, one thing they agree on is independent redistricting. In yesterday’s 4-3 partyline vote, the Illinois Supreme Court’s decision to prevent the Independent Map amendment from appearing on the November ballot is yet another example of the “politics over people” culture that has been allowed to exist for years. Polling suggests that citizens overwhelmingly support the idea of taking the politics out of how we draw our political boundaries in Illinois. The current approach limits true competition and clearly is not serving the people of Illinois well…. If you don’t believe me, then look at the scoreboard – we are not winning.
As Justice Robert Thomas wrote in his dissent, “the Illinois Constitution is supposed to prevent tryanny, not enshrine it. The Chief Justice also dissented and is on record saying that “in our system, the government exists to serve the governed.” Well, today it is clear that the government serves the government, or the select few who run it anyway.
Unfortunately, this type of decision affirms the fears of millions of Americans, both Republican and Democrat, who believe their vote and voice does not matter in today’s political environment. We must do better.
The question remains – How is it that people in other states have the power to at least vote on the independent map process but it is somehow unconstitutional in Illinois? I hope that the Illinois Supreme Court will re-hear this matter and allow the voice of the half a million citizens who signed the petition to be heard.

Painters & Glaziers Unions Endorses Frank Haney

For Immediate Release

Local Painters Union Supports Frank Haney for Winnebago County Board Chairman

Winnebago County: Frank Haney, candidate for Winnebago County Board Chairman, is announcing the support of the Painters District Council #30 Painters and Glaziers Local Union #607. This Trades Union support is added to the endorsement of the Operating Engineers Local 150, Laborers Local #32 as well as a growing number of private-sector and elected leaders. A running list of endorsements can be found at www.FrankHaney.Biz.

“The Painters and Glaziers are pleased to announce our support of Frank Haney for Winnebago County Board Chairman. I know Frank both personally and professionally and I have a lot of respect and trust in Frank’s commitment to the community. We are particularly pleased with Frank’s non-partisan, community-oriented approach to this office,” said John Penney, Business Representative.

“Economic development is a key element to primary job growth, reducing crime, and the long-term health of our community. Frank Haney is committed to providing the type of government environment that will help spur growth in the county and the region to help working families earn livable wages and benefits. His ability to work with other people will ensure that projects will move forward and not be hampered by personalities”, said Penney.

“I am proud to have the endorsement of the Painters and Glaziers. Our trades unions and a highly skilled workforce are critical success factors in a 21st Century economy. I could not be more excited about the momentum and the broad-base of support we have seen for our campaign since starting on this journey last September,” said Frank Haney.


My Thoughts On The Recent Committee Proposal

Below is the text from my recent letter to the editor…..

A new ordinance to establish an Executive Committee of the Winnebago County Board was introduced in the Operations Committee meeting. Here are five things you need to know:

1. It is a power grab. This change would drastically shift governance oversight from a 20-member board to a few board members. It would weaken the majority of the board members. It would also shift administrative and executive duties to a sub-group of part-time board members. The well-documented problems at the county (FBI investigation, IT issue, sauna, chocolates, etc.) did NOT occur because of the committee structure or because the board has fewer powers of oversight compared with other boards. Turning the legislative branch into the executive branch of county government will create more of a mess, not less of one.

2. The timing is bad. Why establish a fundamentally new organizational structure just ahead of a new board and new chairman taking office? Why not when the FBI investigation of the county began over a year ago? Why not two or three years ago? Why not wait until post-election and entrust the new team to come together and align on how to best serve taxpayers and what specific changes to make? This overreach is also a distraction from focusing on the budget gap in FY ’16 and FY ’17.

3. Illusion of reform. Shoving reform-minded board members and the next chairman to the side will be lauded as reform but will only ensure business as usual. It would be the new way to do back-room deals. Here is how I would describe this: complete disregard for best practice, conflict of interest, political retribution and more of the same good ol’ boy politics.

4. It violates state statute. Calling this an executive committee is disingenuous. The actual language reflects something quite different. I had an attorney review the proposed document and was informed this violates state statue. Specifically, the sections on the appointment process, reporting process, and part of the negotiation language do not pass legal muster.

5. Back room deals. The State’s Attorney’s Office indicated that their office was NOT consulted before this was introduced in an open meeting as is best practice in public entities. Instead, Paul Nicolosi and Gino Gulluzzo of Hinshaw Consulting were brought into the fold to help Gary Jury, John Guevara, and Eli Nicolosi. Please note: Hinshaw Consulting has accumulated a considerable amount of billable hours from no-bid contracts for consulting from the county and other taxing entities. If this work is being done pro bono, why would Mr. Nicolosi have such a vested interest in helping concentrate power in the hands of a few district-elected board members? Lastly, if the goal of these proposed changes was improved transparency, then why not actually act in a transparent manner in the process?

My request is simple and will ultimately serve the current and future boards well:

  1. Let the voters decide first.  
  2. Do not make structural changes to the County Board or Administrative process until after the election. This includes revised versions of the ordinance.  
  3. Do not replace top leadership positions until after the election.
  4. Committee appointments for the next term should not be made until after the election.
  5. Focus on the closing the multi-million dollar budget gap.
  6. A public report out of any proposed year over year changes to the chairman’s budget prior to its passage.
  7. After the election, a large number of changes will need to be made; one of which may be a re-look at board structure. All options should be considered. Of course a strong, engaged, and informed board is needed. I welcome that and that is why a rushed, sloppy effort is self-serving and exposes hidden agendas.

The community needs to watch the county very closely before and after the election, regardless of whom is elected chairman. Speak-up if unhappy. Remember: Sunshine is the best disinfectant.

Frank Haney

Candidate, Winnebago County Board Chairman

Note: Since the writing of this letter, the proposal was pulled from the County Board agenda for further review.

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Haney announces August 25th Event and Speaker

(Press Release)

Candidate for Winnebago County Board Chairman, Frank Haney, is announcing a luncheon event to be held at Franchesco’s Ristorante at 7128 Spring Creek Road in Rockford. The luncheon begins at 11:30am with a featured speaker DuPage County Board Chairman Dan Cronin. Cronin is a recognized government reformer who served in the Illinois State Senate and House and now as DuPage County’s top executive.

Cronin will speak to the general issue of “Good Government” both achieving and maintaining government that is transparent, lean, and responsive to the citizens. Other county government executives have followed Cronin’s lead in this effort and that has caught the attention of Frank Haney as he seeks to reform Winnebago County’s government.

“Through his ACT (Accountability Consolidation and Transparency) initiative Chairman Dan Cronin has weighed in heavily on the reform front. His consolidation initiative has saved DuPage County nearly $80 Million. If elected Winnebago County Board Chairman, I will work to implement an agenda that streamlines and consolidates government functions wherever we find a cost savings to taxpayers,” said Haney.

“If we are to aspire to be “good stewards” of the taxpayer’s dollars we need to demonstrate a willingness to consolidate and eliminate redundant spending on government infrastructure and services. DuPage County achieved significant savings through their ongoing consolidation efforts. In Winnebago County, for example, we have a need for increased public safety investment. Perhaps we can find the funds for this and other needs through streamlining, consolidation and cooperation amongst a number of government entities,” said Haney.

“I will speak to these issues as well as listening to the ideas that Chairman Dan Cronin has talked about and implemented in DuPage County. For more information go to my website at www.frankhaney.biz,” said Haney.

Let's Talk Good Gov't - August 25 - Social Media