Bar Association Chairman Candidate Forum – Live Feed

Special thanks to the Bar Association for hosting the first Winnebago County Board Chairman forum of the November 8 election cycle. The event took place at Forest Hills Country Club.

Here is a link to the WREX Live Feed of the Bar Association Candidate Forum.

The video missed my intro where I opened by saying:

Every now and then,

sometime, someplace, somewhere,

you need to plant your feet

– stand firm –

and make a point about who you are

and what you believe in.

And when that time comes,

you simply must do it!






Haney for Chairman Good Government Lunch Video

Here is a video from the Good Government Lunch. The event was held on Thursday, August 25 at Franchesco’s in Rockford. Special thanks to our special guest Dan Cronin, County Board Chairman in DuPage County. Click here for more information about Dan’s ACT Initiative, a reform-minded way to do local government that has become a piece of the #HaneyforChairman platform.

Good Govt Lunch Pic 1


Good Govt Lunch Pic 2


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Good Govt Lunch Pic 5

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Let's Talk Good Gov't - August 25 - Social Media

Tim Rollins Statement of Support for Frank Haney

Frank has shown an ability to listen to and collaborate with people and organizations throughout the region in nonpartisan ways. He is the type of leader we need as we work to build on our successes and overcome our challenges throughout the region.

– Tim Rollins

Rockford School District #205 Board Member, Local attorney

Tim Rollins joins a growing number of local elected officials who support Frank Haney for Winnebago County Board Chairman. Incidentally, Tim is also one of a growing number of local attorneys who support Frank. Another examples of an elected official / attorney is Ian Linnabary, President of the Park District Board.

“Bottom line: Education is the silver bullet. The road to community transformation begins with preparing our citizens for success. Nothing is more important. The development of a 21st century workforce is a critical success factor in economic development; including business attraction and retention. There is also a correlation between educational attainment and public safety. It is critical that the next Chairman has strong working relationships with leaders of education institutions in the region,” said Haney.

I am grateful for the support of Mr. Rollins and appreciate his commitment to our community, our young people, and to the largest public school district in Winnebago County, said Haney.




Reaction to court ruling on Independent Maps

President Obama and Governor Rauner disagree on many things. However, one thing they agree on is independent redistricting. In yesterday’s 4-3 partyline vote, the Illinois Supreme Court’s decision to prevent the Independent Map amendment from appearing on the November ballot is yet another example of the “politics over people” culture that has been allowed to exist for years. Polling suggests that citizens overwhelmingly support the idea of taking the politics out of how we draw our political boundaries in Illinois. The current approach limits true competition and clearly is not serving the people of Illinois well…. If you don’t believe me, then look at the scoreboard – we are not winning.
As Justice Robert Thomas wrote in his dissent, “the Illinois Constitution is supposed to prevent tryanny, not enshrine it. The Chief Justice also dissented and is on record saying that “in our system, the government exists to serve the governed.” Well, today it is clear that the government serves the government, or the select few who run it anyway.
Unfortunately, this type of decision affirms the fears of millions of Americans, both Republican and Democrat, who believe their vote and voice does not matter in today’s political environment. We must do better.
The question remains – How is it that people in other states have the power to at least vote on the independent map process but it is somehow unconstitutional in Illinois? I hope that the Illinois Supreme Court will re-hear this matter and allow the voice of the half a million citizens who signed the petition to be heard.

Winnebago County Board Chairman Candidate Forums

Candidate Forum Schedule:

Winnebago County Bar Association, Monday, September 13 (12 pm), Forest Hill Country Club. WREX will play a portion of the forum on Sunday, September 25 at 7:30 am.

Tommy Meeks TV Show, Tuesday, October 4 (3:15 pm) is the tapping. TBA on when candidate interviews will air.

Rolling Green Neighborhood Association, Tuesday, October 11 (6:30 pm), Broadway Covenant Church. Candidates will give a 5-minute overview.

Next Rockford Candidate Forum, Thursday, October 13 (7:30 am) at the YWCA.

Signal Hill Neighborhood Association, October 13 (7 pm) at St. Peter’s Church.

League of Women Voters / Rockford University / WTVO, Sunday, October 23 (1 pm)
Rockford University, Maddox Theater. Forum will be replayed on WTVO at a later date.


Painters & Glaziers Unions Endorses Frank Haney

For Immediate Release

Local Painters Union Supports Frank Haney for Winnebago County Board Chairman

Winnebago County: Frank Haney, candidate for Winnebago County Board Chairman, is announcing the support of the Painters District Council #30 Painters and Glaziers Local Union #607. This Trades Union support is added to the endorsement of the Operating Engineers Local 150, Laborers Local #32 as well as a growing number of private-sector and elected leaders. A running list of endorsements can be found at www.FrankHaney.Biz.

“The Painters and Glaziers are pleased to announce our support of Frank Haney for Winnebago County Board Chairman. I know Frank both personally and professionally and I have a lot of respect and trust in Frank’s commitment to the community. We are particularly pleased with Frank’s non-partisan, community-oriented approach to this office,” said John Penney, Business Representative.

“Economic development is a key element to primary job growth, reducing crime, and the long-term health of our community. Frank Haney is committed to providing the type of government environment that will help spur growth in the county and the region to help working families earn livable wages and benefits. His ability to work with other people will ensure that projects will move forward and not be hampered by personalities”, said Penney.

“I am proud to have the endorsement of the Painters and Glaziers. Our trades unions and a highly skilled workforce are critical success factors in a 21st Century economy. I could not be more excited about the momentum and the broad-base of support we have seen for our campaign since starting on this journey last September,” said Frank Haney.